Dhoom 3 on Silver Screen…

By | Dec 21, 2013

Dhoom 3 on Silver Screen…

A multi starred and also the most awaited movie of the year ‘Dhoom 3′ finally hit the silver screen on 20th Dec and that also with a bang. Movie was produced by Aditya chopra and Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya music was given by Pritam Chakraborty. Lots of hopes were attached with this movie and seeing its first day collection it will be fair enough to say that movie didn’t disappointed its makers.

Dhoom 3 on Silver Screen...

Dhoom 3 is a story of circus artist Sahir(Aamir khan) who takes his revenge from a bank which was responsible for his father’s(played by Jackie Shroff) death. Boy who played the role of little Sahir definitely had a good job and must be appreciated.
Movie had little ups and down but surely there were some moments which made the audience to stick to their seats. And my personally favorite was the moment when the viewers came to know that Sahir has a twin brother Samar(Aamir is playing a double role in movie). Samar was not known to the world and that’s reason why these two brother were able to escape from the hands of Chicago police by making them fool.

ACP Jai Dixit(Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali(Uday Chopra) are called from India to help the Chicago police in catching the thief. Aaliya(Katrina Kaif) is a co-worker of Sahir. Katira had a couple of dance performances in the movie which she did very well.

Movie changes its route when Samar falls in love with Aalia , which make the two brothers to fight. Jai came to know that Sahir has a twin brother ,and uses Aalia to catch them.

Talking about the performances, everyone performed his/her role pretty well. I personally like Abhishek playing Jai in Dhoom series. Uday Chopra made the audience giggle at some moments. Katrina has a short role but did it very well best part about her was her dance. Aamir, ‘Mr perfectionist’ had a difficult job to do as he was playing a double role , but did it nicely.
Let’s see how movie performs in its upcoming days.

Bollywood Nasha Rating:- 3.5/5 stars…

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6 thoughts on “Dhoom 3 on Silver Screen…

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  5. Rajat Banaraji

    I found the film to be Bollywood at its glorious best, packed with swift, cat and mouse chase sequences bordering on implausibility (the Dhoom-mobile that functions as a bike, a hovercraft, a submarine and can also glide when powered up), highly polished dance numbers, numerous close up shots and exaggerated performances, and a flimsy plot to bind everything together. The production values were better than most other mainstream movies vitiating the film industry, and the performances were enjoyable (except Uday Chopra’s).

    Most Indian audiences, though, look for logic and subtlety in a film that doesn’t require anything but a zing of zaniness. I find their logic highly idiotic as the same audience members would enjoy a film with low production values and a non-existent story line that replaces Aamir Khan (“he’s the smart guy, so his films have to be smart”) with say Akshay Kumar or Salman. A lot many people call this film a wrong move for Aamir. I on the other hand think this film is step forward for mainstream Bollywood, which has been bogged down by such terrible (albeit money-making) clunkers in recent times.

    And did you notice that this film includes a great number of African Americans as backup dancers? Unusual for Bollywood, which is usually dominated by white faces in the background.

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