MTV Roadies Mumbai Audition

 Contestant No 1


She was not satisfied with the selection procedure of Roadies and thinks she is better then other contestant of Roadies 10. According to Raghu she was physically fit and not able to perform well beyond her comfort zone.

Contestant No 2


Abhinav have a twin brother Abhishek who is moral support for him. He thinks he can beat Rajiv ( Raghu’s Brother ) in any field. Raghu asked him what are your strong points. He told he is a good boxer, good businessmen and better then his brother Abhishek. 

Contestant No 3


On the other hand Abhishek was good in studies and more sensible then his brother. He was also physically stronger then his brother Abhinav. After that Ranvijay called his brother and told them that they were backbiting each other. Then suddenly Rajiv came there and created dilemma in the scenario.


Contestant No 4


He was different from other don’t want to marry in his life . He was not enough fit for the Roadies to handle the challenge of Roadies this year. But he tried his level best to do something special but Raghu said him sorry this time . But when he leaved the room suddenly the reaction of Ranvijay towards him changed and he tried to convey Raghu to select him.

Contestant No 5


He was Martial Arts trained man having a good physical built. He was quiet boring but that was not enough reason for Raghu to not select him and after the interview he made his mind to select him.

Contestant No 6

 Nikhat Khan

According to her she is selfish, liar and can do anything to win on Roadies. He was qualified for personal interviews in Roadies 8.


After the personal interviews in Mumbai Nikhat, Siddharth and Rishie selected in the top 14. So this year competition will be going touch because this year there is no vote out only best will survive.