MTV Roadies X1: Journey Episode 6th Barmer Eliminations

By | Apr 13, 2014

MTV Roadies X1 Full Episode Barmer  part 2 -Journey Episode 6

Hmmm finally Raghu was on show and started with some unexpected decisions.  We are here for one more episode of Roadies X1 Ride for Respect. This time there will be vote outs in Journey Barmer part 2 episode for which wait of one week has came to end. In last episode there was lot of celebrations along with money task and second girls ranking task. After Jaisalmer Roadies have been moved to Barmer and journey is continue.

Watch Online MTV Roadies X1 Episode 6th Barmer

You can watch the complete Episode of Roadies X1 on Dailymotion or mtvroadies or on YouTube Episode 6th journey Barmer Episode below:


MTV Roadies X1 Second Girls Ranking Task

Second Girls Ranking Task was completed in last episode but result declared in this episode and Taru was winner in second girl ranking task. Pallavi was last in this last and she was going in walk the talk and Pallavi got the advantage of selecting her competitor and she selected Charu.

MTV Roadies X1 Advantage Task for Charu

This task was for Charu to take the advantage in walk the talk against Pallavi. Task was interesting because it was a celebrity task and she was Suman Kundu. Task started and Charu was scared of her because she was much stronger in front of her. But final Nick Charu’s partner completed the task and saved her from Sunita Kundu.

roadies x1 episode 6


MTV Roadies X1 Third Eliminations Task

Finally Pallavi with Sid and Charu with Nick were head to head in walk the talk. Task was simple but the bidding was not accurate Pallavi’s last bid was 19 and Charu’s last bid was 18 and she invited her to face the challenge. But due to winning advantage task they can invite Pallavi to compete first. Pallavi completed task in less then 3 min which was a awesome performance be her. Then Charu completed this task in less then 4 min, but due to improper bidding Charu and Nick the winner.

Pallavi and Sid were eliminated and have to leave the journey of MTV Roadies X1. It was awesome journey for them but finally they have to get out of there.


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