MTV Roadies X1 Auditions : First Episode Full Description

By | Jan 25, 2014

MTV Roadies First Episode Description

Roadies X1 started with a Boom Rapper Honey Singh was the part of inauguration  and presented book on Raghu and his Journey of Roadies. After this Group Discussion took place and the they moved on for most important part of Roadies audition. Yes its time for personal interview.

Contestant No 1

Charuk Bakshi : She is a teacher full of confidence and a national level athlete according to him.But according to Raghu she was ‘muhfat’ argumentative doesn’t back down hippo crates annoying girl. But finally it was a good interview and here argumentative nature may be helpful for her in Roadies.


Contestant No 2
Sonu : He deserves the respect which Raghu and Ranvijay has given to him.He was dumb and thinks that it is the biggest curse of his life. But Raghu smartly explained that it doesn’t matters a lot and given inspired him for learn sign language and given Roadies respect T-shirt to him.

Contestant No 3

Kaamna : Pursuing BJMC but here reasons for increase in rape in India was rubbish. She thinks wearing short skirts, going to pub provokes man for rape. Raghu reacted aggressively on her statements.

Contestant No 4
Nikhil Sachideva : He was facing personal interview for second time. There was enormous chances in him since last time. Raghu has given him book with his wishes ” hey nik u r turnout to be one of the coolest dude I mate, all the best bro”

Contestant No 5
Manteek verma : His interview was full of physical exercise and workout. after that discussion turned towards his views on rap. He thinks self control is very important for stopping rape. But his second point was not correct, but Raghu and Ranvijay corrected him as he is very young and innocent.


So far there is no one selected from Delhi because result will be declared next week and there are still some Contestant remaining for the personal interviews. Till then stay tune with us…


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