Shiney Ahuja to Return to Bollywood


Shiney Ahuja, once a rising star in the Bollywood Film Industry had fallen from the heights of fame and success to face a jail term for rape charges. Shiney as we get to know now wants to make a comeback in the films.

The actor was recently spotted with wife Anupam at Anurag Basu home for a Saraswati Puja.

The actor didn’t looked like the way he used a few years ago. He has put on some weight and also his face was looking puffy. Also going by his body language, he looked a bit uncomfortable and had and uneasy going with the people around him. He remained quiet and spoke little only when spoken to.

While his wife managed a good show of strength by greeting the people around with a broad smile on her face.

What next for Shiney ?

When asked to Shiney about his future plans he replies “I am waiting for my two releases — Ek Accident and Har Pal. I am also reading some scripts”. Though he didn`t sound very enthusiastic about his work.

Also good news for the actor is that Anees Bazmee, director of superhit film Welcome starring Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar has signed the troubled actor for the upcoming sequel titled Welcome 2.  This surely will be a big moral booster for both Shiney and his family as this film will cast him along with some biggies of bollywood. And we will look forward for good gesture by the costars.

Surely the actor is going through some tough times in his life, but we surely feel that getting involved in films will help him recover.

The actor who made his debut in critically acclaimed  Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi in 2004 has already done around 15 movies in his small career in bollywood uptil now.